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JAHANGIR EMBRACING HIS SON SHAH JAHAN by Raja Manohar Singh (?). India Office Library

An example, akin to the not uncommon formal 'Durbar' scenes, of the careful methods of Court artists in the portrayal of groups of notables gathered together on ceremonial occasions. Each figure had to be an accurate portrait, and the faces, based on sketches or studies from the life, are in their way often masterpieces of searching, unflattering portraiture. In some cases the names are written against the various figures.
Like several other existing Durbar pictures, this is unfinished, and shows how the delicate first sketches were afterwards worked over before being coloured.
The elephant as usual is magnificently depicted; the 'scenery' is rather roughly drawn. The picture has inscriptions above and below, that below stating that it was the "work of 'Raja Manohar Singh', who has not been identified, and that above giving the subject as a scene in the Diwan-i Khass (i.e. Hall of Private Audience) at Lahore, showing Jahangir and Shah Jahan on the occasion of the latter's departure for the Deccan. This was in 1620, and the drawing bears every sign of having been executed towards the end of Jahangir's reign.