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Portrait of MUHAMMAD ADIL SHAH (1627-56) of Bijapur. British Museum
Portrait of MUHAMMAD ADIL SHAH (1627-56) of Bijapur

An inscription in a cartouche on the mount of this miniature describes the subject as Ali II Adil Shah (1656-72). It is however a portrait of his predecessor Muhammad, a younger son of Ibrahim II, who came to the throne at the age of fifteen. This is confirmed by a portrait of Muhammad in a Divan of Urfi written for him by Shah Muhammad Darabi at the capital in 1637 (A.H.1046). Our picture may be dated about 1640. A third, full-length, portrait in the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India is a little later—about 1650.
The king holds a flower in his right hand, and a mango in his left. The plain green background is a common feature in Mughal portraits of the Shah Jahan period.